Our creative team shares an abundance of applied practical experience.

Starting off in 2005 with a focus on furniture making and specialising in timber projects, we have evolved Raskl into a multidisciplinary design and fabrication centre: Bringing together a diversely skilled team, all driven by their love of good design and ambition to develop exciting projects.

Our creative team have backgrounds in art, architecture, industrial design and engineering.

Dan is one of the founding members of Raskl. He has an enthusiastic and open approach to the design process and has a particular interest in the concept initiation stage.
Appreciating the context of a project is an important area for Dan and he has a wealth of experience using both his communication and design skills to define and lay out the key details of a very wide range of schemes.
Outside of work he has a musical creative outlet, recording and producing alternative and electronic music.

Dan Rose, Director

As a founding member, David is a driving force behind Raskl’s achievements. With a strong engineering background, David brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to the team.

His deep understanding of structural design and construction techniques allows him to seamlessly integrate artistic concepts with functional solutions, resulting in captivating and transformative installations.

David Angus, Director

Brad is a Director and Workshop Manager at Raskl.

He joined the team in 2011 following his graduation from Northumbria University.

Brad has developed his skills through hands-on experience over a number of years at Raskl. As Workshop Manager he is able to pass on his experience, passion for manufacturing, and attention to detail to the rest of the workshop team.

Brad Mole, Director

Jack is one of our skilled Senior Designers at Raskl. After studying 3D Design at Northumbria University Jack had a number of years in the building trade and as a cabinet maker.

Joining the team in 2016, he brings a unique blend of creativity and precision, with meticulous attention to technical details. Jack has an eye for photography both on and off the job. His friendly and collaborative approach, along with his expertise, make him a valued member of our team.

Jack Storey, Senior Designer

Talented and accomplished Senior Designer Hugh is known for his expertise in the intricacies of the design stage and material choices. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional designs, Hugh is experienced in the design process; from conceptualisation to execution. He has a strong affinity for material choices, recognizing the profound impact they have on the overall design. Also with understanding that materials play a crucial role in determining the functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of a product or space. His understanding of structural design and construction techniques allows him to seamlessly integrate artistic concepts with functional solutions, resulting in captivating and transformative installations.

Hugh Dennison Thompson, Senior Designer

Our studio manager Hannah is also an SMSTS qualified Site Manager. With her lateral thinking approach and commitment to best practices for health and safety, Hannah ensures safe and successful project delivery.

She excels in client management, providing dedicated liaison services and project support. Hannah demonstrates strong communication skills and attention to detail, and her experience in construction and architectural design management make her an invaluable resource.

Hannah Godfrey, Studio Manager

Jake is one of our Specialist Makers at Raskl. He studied Contemporary Fine Art at De Montford University, where he specialised in Sculpture and nurtured a passion for making three-dimensional objects. Upon returning to his hometown of Newcastle he spent five years fabricating and installing bespoke wooden playgrounds, a number of years fabricating shops and restaurants, before working as a furniture maker out of a wood recycling yard. Throughout Jake's practice he has focused on the relationship of functionality and beauty. He has a personal studio in Newcastle where he continues to make art, as well as hand-carved spoons, bowls and furniture.

Jake Mitchell, Specialist Maker

Brian comes from a joinery and carpentry background with over 10 years experience on a wide range of project. Brian is passionate about all aspects of making with a keen eye for detail. He has high standards for his work, and is always adapting and improving his skillset wherever possible. He challenges himself with every project to not only improve himself but the quality of the pieces he produces.

Brian Hillary, Specialist Maker

Ellen is a 3D Design graduate with a passion for creative expression. Ellen’s background in sculptural work in the fine art industry followed by a year of bench joinery and graphic design has given her a diverse set of skills that enable her to tackle unique projects. Ellen specialises in metal work and enjoys the hands-on process of bringing ideas to life. Whether it's designing functional pieces or creating art that challenges people's perspectives, she is always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Ellen Baker, Specialist Maker

Matty is one of our Specialist Makers at Raskl, and graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in 3D Design. He specialises in timber, but is able to adapt his skills within the workshop. He also has his own studio locally where he designs and creates bespoke pieces of furniture.

Matty Preston, Specialist Maker

Rhiannon has over 10 years experience as a creator, fabricator and labourer. She has worked on numerous public art commissions, as well as high-specification commercial and residential projects, using metal, stone and concrete. She is excited by the challenges that each commission brings and approaches each task with enthusiasm, skill, and lateral thinking.

Rhiannon Wilson, Specialist Maker

With a degree in 3D Design, Amy is focused on sustainable and functional furniture design. As a Course Leader at Newcastle College, Amy mentored aspiring young design students, bringing a unique perspective to the team. Amy's expertise also extends to producing graphic rebrand mock-ups, allowing her to effectively communicate design concepts and ensure innovative and practical solutions.

Amy Jackson, Designer

Dom Joined Raskl in early 2024 and brings a diverse skill set & strong work ethic to the team.
Having a background in renewable energy sector, as well as experience in multiple areas of the construction industry.
Dom maintains a measured approach to his work, ensuring safety and delivering high quality craftmanship.

Dom Fairley, Specialist Maker