AV Visualiser

With Reeps One for M&C Saatchi and Ballantines Whisky

Reeps One is an award-winning Composer, Artist and Beatboxer.

He is currently an E.A.T. Artist in Residence at Nokia Bell Labs where he is experimenting with voice and technology, researching the use of Machine Learning as a medium, and recently spoke at the UN’s Summit on AI for Good.

Described as "A champion of new musicians' by The Economist, Reeps One’s videos have been viewed more than 100 million times online.

We collaborated with Harry on the creation of a ‘cymatic visualiser’ a tourable rig which can be used to contain various mediums, supported on a membrane which would transmit sonic vibrations created by his voice.

The development process involved testing with various material combinations which would allow the membrane material to be swapped to work with various mediums, with a particular challenge of containing liquid while being subjected to high amplitude frequencies.

The industrial design called for a system that is extremely robust to deal with the physical nature of the performances while being easily demountable for global transportation.

The final design features 6 interconnected laser-cut and folded sheet steel panels, which support an HDPE ring into which is milled a grooved locator for the upper ring which is held down with adjustable clasps.

The display medium is surrounded by controllable RGB LEDs which emphasise the peaks and troughs of the patterns created as well as capturing particles which bounce off the surface of the membrane.

Reeps One’s performance for Ballantine’s Whisky, featuring the mesmerising geometric visuals from the visualiser can be found here.

Photography by Jack Storey