With Naho Matsuda for SXSW 2019 in Qatar

This is the second iteration of our collaboration with Naho Matsuda on her installation EVERY THING EVERY TIME.

We presented the work initially for the Great Exhibition of the North and were then commissioned to redesign the work as a touring piece for SXSW 2019.

This iteration was shown in Doha, Qatar, both at the Ajyal Film Festival and at the Qatar National Library as part of the British Council Summer Festival.

The piece presents a running commentary on the activity of the city in which it’s located. The ‘poetry,’ is created by an algorithm which randomly selects and rearranges the data collected from several site-specific points, and is posted on a website. The Pis pull the poetry from the website over 4G and then transmits the letter addresses via Ethernet to the Arduino and then to the motors using the I2C network protocol.

The act of this then triggers the algorithm to generate a new poem.