Harley Davidson Gateshead

With Focus Architecture and Jennings in Gateshead

In 2015 we were brought on board by architects Focus AS to develop some furniture for UK Harley Davidson stores. The intention is to embrace all of the heritage from the iconic brand and, while capturing the character of each site.

The result is a variety between each location but sharing a design DNA for a familiar aesthetic.

It is important to get this right for the brand, as the sites have evolved to become much more than sales rooms and garages. They are now locations for owners to meet before rides, to socialise, hang out and share their passion.

At Gateshead, to reflect the industrial heritage and surroundings we used exposed hot-rolled steel and distressed timber.

The two counters and three sales desks are steel box frames clad with timber and cross brace details, and the storage cupboards feature a custom-made laser-etched leather pull detail. We installed heavy-duty bike plinths, the central unit featuring an impressive upstand with integrated graphics.

On a smaller scale, we produced bespoke oil-drum-poser tables with glass tops and stencil graphics.

More info here on Focus Architecture + Surveying.