Hoults Yard

With xsite Architecture and Electrik Sheep in Newcastle

A collaboration with xsite Architecture and Electrik Sheep to create a stunning entrance sign and reception desk for the two-times RICS award-winning £5m redevelopment of Hoults Yard.

The reception desk features a black Valchromat base with 3D relief stripe detail, intersected with a copper box.

The front of the box has back-lit cut-out lettering with a copper grille set behind, while the main feature is the top - chemical-etched copper tiles featuring wonderful whimsical re-imaginings of artwork from original Malings pottery.

The copper was treated with a solution to bring an even age and patina to the entire surface.

The tiles were designed by Electrik Sheep.

The sign is a pyramid detail of laser-cut steel parts assembled on a frame with concealed lights, this was left to deliberately rust. This is sealed to prevent further rusting. The 'yard' element is CNC-milled from a solid block of polypropylene, with a hand-made circuit board made to fit from the reverse. We also produced rusted steel and reclaimed timber 'lollipop' wayfinding totems.