With Nick Tyrer and Victoria Philpott for London Festival of Architecture at London Victoria Station

We were recommended to Nick Tyrer and Victoria Philpott by The London Festival of Architecture as their preferred fabrication partner for the LACUNA Bench. Their design won the ‘Sitting Pretty’ Competition, organised by LFA and Network Rail.

The LACUNA Bench offers three socially-distant, individual seating nooks, with dichroic polypropylene dividers. With over 250 separate components, each segment of Duraply was individually machined; sanded and positioned and the three sections hand-finished. Innocuous aluminium plates lock the ternary segments together. Tactility, engagement, comfort and privacy are at the heart of the design.

Our team developed the initial concept model and converted it to a buildable system. The bench provides a juxtaposition to the bustling station of Waterloo; an organic, yet satisfyingly considered retreat.

The project materials were kindly donated by Garnica and James Latham.

Photography by Jack Storey, Luke O’Donovan and Nick Tyrer