Pebble Seats

With Leslie Jones Architecture at the Metrocentre in Gateshead

In partnership with The Metrocentre, the Raskl team were brought onboard to develop and fabricate a clutch of concrete Pebble Seats - the first installment of an ambitious master plan to diversify the Metrocentre and its interior architecture, The seats, conceptualised by Leslie Jones Architects, aim to ‘bring the outside in’ with organic shapes and textures, as well as introducing new perch seating to the space.  

Through the technical development of the seats, we worked closely with the architects and the Metrocentre team to deliver objects that would comply with weight and agility specifications. The weight of traditional cast concrete elements could damage the original flooring and be difficult to manoeuvre or reposition for the facilities team. 

We prototyped a range of sizes, forms and finishes to create the ideal final design.  We developed a bespoke elliptical casting system, which included an EPS foam core to limit the weight, and a supplied modified lifting skate to allow for easier manoeuvrability and flexibility for the configuration of the instalments. The cast aggregates were finished with a layer of beeswax to complete the natural stone effect.

Photography by Jack Storey