With Charles Holland Architects for The National Trust in Ripon

Designed by Charles Holland Architects as part of the Folly! contemporary art programme at Fountains Abbey.

Running from 28th April – 4th November 2018, Folly! explored the fun and delight inspired by the water garden and the playful structures found within. Polly features alongside 3 other Follies in amongst the beautiful landscape.

The 9m tall structure consists of a steel frame, covered by a durable inner plywood layer, wrapped in Tyvek and finished with over 1,000 CNC-cut plywood shingles coated in vibrant specialist exterior paint.

The folly also acts as a camera obscura which projects the stunning scenery onto a table on the floor of her interior blacked out with a green PVC curtain. The head can be rotated by hand using a bespoke geared handle.

Particularly challenging was the foundation design - at the top of ‘Tent Hill’  there were unexcavated archaeological artefacts. Therefore a temporary buried solution with a depth of only 250mm was required.

For more information about Polly, Folly! and more, check it out here.