The French Quarter

For The French Quarter in Newcastle

Cedric and Catherine approached us for a more personal touch on their project. The typical interior design approach had left them cold and they were looking for something more familiar and nuanced, with an added layer of texture and detail.

We agreed that the aim of the project was to create a space where you felt immediately at ease, that wasn’t trying too hard, with lots of contemporary details while maintaining a timeless quality.

We made extensive use of our distressed timber technique which we’ve developed over the years and combined this with some more sleek and unusual details to develop a look and feel which was distinctive, comfy, smart and rustic at the same time.

For the shelving we repurposed steel rebar, using its keyed edge to mimic the wrought iron details found in traditional Parisian Metro entrances or balconies. This was colour-coded with expanded steel mesh panelling on the doors which feature modernist Bakelite machine knobs for handles.

The beer tabs emerge from a black-oxide-treated panel on the back bar which has a patina resembling aged leather. We also developed a bench design featuring a unique frame design with leather upholstery suspended with custom-made leather straps with brass details.