The Offbeat Sari

With Studio Mutt for The Design Museum in London

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Studio Mutt for renowned gallery The Design Museum on the groundbreaking Offbeat Sari Exhibition. This unique exhibition showcases the vibrant and diverse world of contemporary sari design, exploring its cultural significance and pushing the boundaries of tradition. Our team was honoured to be part of this exciting project, contributing our expertise in design and fabrication to bring the exhibition to life.

The Offbeat Sari Exhibition serves as a platform to celebrate the rich heritage of the sari while embracing its evolving role in modern society. Our collaboration with the Design Museum aimed to showcase the beauty and versatility of this iconic garment, capturing its offbeat spirit and pushing artistic boundaries.

We’re renowned for our innovative and creative approach to design, and, working from Studio Mutt’s overarching concept design, we meticulously crafted the exhibition space using a variety of unconventional materials to achieve a contemporary and human finish to the truly immersive experience.

Working closely with the Design Museum's curatorial and design team to understand their vision, we developed a unique materials palette and helped to translate it into a physical reality. We welcomed the challenge to explore  the use of green materials with the minimum carbon impact, which resulted in a huge number of test pieces and prototypes. These included hand-block-printed muslin, honeycomb cardboard panels, “Ecoboard” - a panel product made from industrial farming by-product, low impact OSB Zero, and recycled scaffolding to name a few.

Our shared passion for design and dedication to creating unique spaces fuelled the creative process, resulting in a cohesive and impactful exhibition.

The Offbeat Sari Exhibition pushes boundaries, exploring the intersection of tradition and contemporary design. Through interactive installations, multimedia displays, and thought-provoking narratives, the exhibition challenged preconceptions and sparked conversations about the evolving nature of sari fashion.

Being part of the Offbeat Sari Exhibition in collaboration with the Design Museum has been a source of great pride for Raskl. We are honoured to have contributed our design and fabrication expertise to this remarkable project, which celebrates the cultural significance and artistic innovation of the sari. Our collaboration exemplifies the power of combining passion, creativity, and expertise to create transformative experiences. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Studio Mutt and the Design Museum for entrusting us with this exciting endeavour, and we look forward to more future collaborations that push the boundaries of design and celebrate cultural diversity.

Photography by Andy Stagg