With Al Wardle from Any Forty in Newcastle

We were approached to assist with the recent revamp of Tokyo Newcastle bar, mainly developing some innovative light/print concepts. We worked alongside Al Wardle from Any Forty to develop physical iterations of graphic designs.

The main showpiece is the explosion of manga hanging from the ceiling above the bar. These are bespoke thermoformed ‘soap bar’ light with a specialised printing process that deliberately sprays over the heavy radius corners, almost giving the effect of being produced with miniature spray cans and feels more textured than a wrap. These panels are on a 1” standoff which emanates a moody red glow.

The I <3 Tokyo sign is a laser-cut fluorescent Perspex piece on a Valchromat backer with brass slotted dome head screws for a subtle traditional detail.

The triptych is a view of the same Tokyo street in the past, present and future.

Upstairs we produced the textured CNC-milled Valchromat surface in traditional Japanese motif, and our take on a paper lantern which uses heavy-duty Tyvek for the spun fibre effect.

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Photography by Richard Kenworthy