Bodo Sperlein Contour Table

With Bodo Sperlein

Designed by Bodo Sperlein and produced by Raskl, the Contour furniture range is inspired by the clean, organic silhouettes and elegant simplicity of the 20th-century Art Nouveau movement and evokes the waving of a ribbon. The pieces are meticulously CNC carved from large blanks which are glued and blended by hand. The pieces are available in black walnut and fumed oak, as well as the traditional Japanese shou sugi ban finish which involves charring the surface to create a protective layer.

Our work for Bodo showcases our mastery in hardwood engineering. These are unbelievably complex pieces to make and take into account every piece of technical knowledge and expertise we have gathered. From identifying suitably grown and sawn trees, correct killing and drying, specialised atmospheric conditioning, expansion and contraction, grain orientation, colour matching, etc.

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